This is What the Renovated Barnes Lumber Property May Look Like

See for yourself.

Read the whole story at the Crozet Gazette.

Barnes Lumber Redevelopment Plan in Crozet

The plan submitted by PDG includes an 600-foot-long pedestrian mall in the center of the project, anchored at the west end by a large building. Roell said a national firm that builds boutique hotels is interested in the site. Other features include the extension of Library Avenue (still an unofficial name for the road partially constructed in downtown) to connect to Parkside Village and a walking path junction in the southeast corner of the property nearest to Claudius Crozet Park that will connect downtown to the extensive system of trails laid out in the Crozet Master Plan.

What do you think about this?

Update: High-res version of the plan.

Lots of Big Stuff on Tomorrow’s Crozet Community Advisory Council Meeting.

The agenda for the CCAC meeting on 20 January at the Meadows: (bolding mine)

1. Agenda Review (Mike Marshall – CCAC Chair)   
2. Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2010 meeting   
3. Public Comment   

4. Project Updates (Elaine Echols)   
– Wind Turbine at Henley  
– Crozet Station
– Restore-N Station
– West Village (re-submittal)
– Barnes Lumber parcel rezoning to Crozet Downtown District   

5. Street Name Resolution (CCAC)   
6. April Meeting of the Community Advisory Councils (Echols)   
7. Old Business from November meeting: Sub-committees and ombudsmen (CCAC)   
8. Future agenda items (CCAC

The (draft) Minutes from the November meeting, if you’re interested.

This is the part where I beg a government or journalism student at Western Albemarle High school to attend this meeting and write a story for RealCrozetVA … after four years of asking, I’m thinking I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Crozet’s “Downtown Mall”?

Now that the Crozet Community Advisory Council has given their endorsement … what do the rest of you think?

A group that oversees planning in Crozet has endorsed a new concept to redevelop a lumber yard on the Square into a walkable and livable community similar to Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.

“We need a pedestrian mall in Crozet,” said Mike Marshall, chairman of the Crozet Community Advisory Council. “This comes into Crozet’s life at a very fortunate time for us.”

The CCAC voted Thursday to recommend rezoning the 14.74-acre J. Bruce Barnes Lumber Yard and CSX railroad property to allow for future development as part of the Crozet Master Plan.

Once again, Charlottesville Tomorrow proves to be invaluable.

Pedestrian Mall in Crozet?

From this month’s Crozet Gazette (PDF):

A pedestrian mall in the place of the lumberyard downtown?

Kelly Strickland, a CCAC member, surprised commissioners by informing them that R.E. Lee Construction company, which he works for, is drafting a concept for the redevelopment of J.B. Barnes Lumber Company at the request of its owner, Carroll Conley. He asked the commission for flexibility in language that would define where light industrial uses would be allowed on the 20-acre parcel. Commercial uses on the parcel, cur- rently zoned heavy industrial, would presumably fall under the rules for the adjoining Downtown Crozet District, which are designed to cre- ate a walkable, traditional down- town business district with a mix of apartments and shops.

Interviewed later, Conley said that discussion of the plan that has been submitted to county planners, planning commissioners and super- visors for reaction was premature, but that he believed that county leaders would like the concept. He said the lumber yard will continue to operate as normal.

The concept shows a central, 600-foot pedestrian mall flanked by three- and four-story buildings and the extension of Main Street to Parkside Village with two- and three-story buildings along it, a small park, a greenspace median and numerous parking areas.

Take a look at the drawing at the Crozet Gazette.

Update – Crozet Gazette now has the story on their site rather than PDF.