Halloween in Crozet – Trick or Treating in the Square

Today, 30 October – Trick or Treat in the Square from 4 to 6pm.

This year with Halloween being on Saturday, I suspect the Crozet neighborhoods will be full – of kids and parents from the neighborhoods  trick or treating and kids and parents coming from less-dense neighborhoods to enjoy the fun.

And from last year:

What day is trick or treating in Crozet?

I will add this question: which are your favorite neighborhoods for trick-or-treating?


Answer for 2015: Saturday. 🙂

CCAC Meeting Recap | 10/21/2015 | Infrastructure & Downtown Crozet

Really interesting Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting tonight. Downtown Crozet is going to change. Traffic is going to get worse different. Businesses will hopefully come to downtown Crozet.

Quick notes:

  • I persicoped. Live-streamed on Twitter. I think it was useful, and next time, so long as we’re at the Crozet Library with Wifi and outlets, I’ll do it again … but with a tripod most likely and my computer so I can tweet as well. But really, are they useful for you? (I really thought the iPhone should have been horizontal. Clearly that was wrong) Periscope 1YouTube version here – , Periscope 2Periscope 3 (parking discussion).
  • Discussion about the WAHS Environmental Academy (I was late, but @CrozetCommunity tweeted!)
  • Big discussion about the future of downtown Crozet, Barnes Lumberyard, commercial, phasing of the development and more. You really shoulda been there.
  • Discussion about parking in downtown Crozet, the coming Piedmont Place, and I spoke up (which I never do at these meetings)
  • Milestone Partners will be launching a new website to convey the message/brand of their project and downtown Crozet.


Click through, scroll to the bottom, and read the tweets.


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CCAC Meeting 21 October – Updates on Barnes Lumber, Infrastructure & Downtown

These meetings are among the better ways to learn about what’s happening and what’s coming in Crozet.

Anyone available to tweet the meeting? Hashtag – #CCAC1015

via email – 


Wednesday, October 21, 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Crozet Library, Crozet


1. Agenda Review. (Jennie More – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes.

3. Project Updates/Information:

– Reminder about change in location for the November Meeting- It will be at The Meadows.

– Introduction of Adam Mulchay (sic) – Environmental Studies Academy (15minutes)

– Update on Former Barnes Lumber Property- Frank Stoner- (45minutes)

– Discussion about parking and DCD zoning. (20 minutes)

– Discussion about infrastructure specific to roads and connectivity. (20 minutes)

Crozet Cycling Club – Now with Kits!

“Who knew when we started riding together once a week, we’d end up riding 6 days a week?” — said last week after one of our rides.

It started nearly a year ago with a blog post and a standing ride, leaving at 6am on Wednesdays at the Crozet Mudhouse. Our first ride was 22 April 2015; happily, more than one person showed up!

Then a group on Strava and a Google Group. — If you want to join us, please ask to join the Google Group.

And we rode.

And we enjoy the extraordinary landscape of Western Albemarle (and surrounding areas).

Now we have a logo.

Crozet Cycling Club


And … if you’re interested, you can order Crozet Cycling kits! (the store closes on 26 October) We’re pretty excited about these!

Crozet Cycling Club Jersey
Crozet Cycling Club Jersey


Personally, riding with this group has made this year better, made my riding more fun, and has better connected me to Crozet.



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Crozet Real Estate Conversation – 3rd Quarter 2015

The experiment continues. David Ferrall and I have launched a new effort to educate folks, and satiate our own desires to talk about real estate. We had our first conversation in July; this time we’ve been a bit more brief.

We’re going to be at a Crozet coffee shop – for the next couple months, the Crozet Mudhouse – the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 9 to 11 if you’re curious about the market and want us to buy you a cup of coffee.

Recapping Brownsville’s School Board Forum

Last night was a fun forum at Brownsville. The White Hall and At-Large candidates for school board made some time to lay out their positions and reasons for running for school board.

First thoughts:

I was thisclose to leaving out my opinions, but can’t help myself. The tweets are after the break; I highly recommend you read those.

  • Unless convinced otherwise, supporting/advocating for the county school system building their own private internet is reason for me to disqualify the candidate. Why, exactly, is Albemarle county building their own internet?
  • Supporting SOLs in their current format is reason to disqualify the candidate.
  • Colleges don’t look at SOLs, to the best of my knowledge. This seems to be a baffling & upsetting statement. (stated here as well)
  • I appreciated Dolly Joseph’s thoughts on technology, “hitting it with a technology stick” and her pushing back on the 1:1 technology ratio. We do live in a relatively affluent community (relatively!) – giving kids who already have devices is wasteful. (my opinion: and stupid).

As a friend said last night on Twitter:

I’m glad we all have chance to watch presidential politics tonight, but we’d be a better country if more people paid attention to local govt


Read the tweets.



Big Crozet Weekend – 9-10 October 2015

Lots of stuff this weekend in and around Crozet: (see everything at the Crozet Calendar)

1 – What’s missing?

2 – Submit your own event – it takes less than 60 seconds.

White Hall School Board Candidate Forums – 2015

It’s a bit weird to be having a contested election. And nice! There is much more than School Board on this year’s ballot, but local elections are where our votes can matter the most.

There are various forums coming up for the White Hall School Board candidates. If I have any information incorrect or missing, please let me know or correct me in the comments.

6 October – The Crozet Elementary PTO is hosting a candidate forum

7 October – “From the Daily Progress: White Hall School Board Forum at Henley Middle School Cafeteria 6:30-8:30 PM (doors open at 6).”

13 October from 6:00 to 6:45pm: The Brownsville PTO is hosting a forum

13 October (waiting for confirmation) the CCA is holding a candidate forum – probably from a bit after 7pm until ..

Charlottesville Tomorrow’s education reporting has been top-notch.

Curiously, the Virginia State Board of Elections page’s most recent election results are from 2003(!) for the White Hall School Board seat. During that election, 3,770 votes were cast. As of 2010, Crozet’s population was 5,565 people; I’d wager we’ve added at least 500 people since then.

In an election with this relatively few voters, these votes matter.