New Look to RealCrozetVA

You’ll notice some changes at RealCrozetVA. I’m playing with a new look while trying to keep the functionality and usability of the site as high as possible.

There’s still quite a bit I’m going to try to make time to make better (notably the calendar, the search for homes page(s) and a few other things), but the focus will remain trying to provide as much useful, relevant content as possible.

A couple things I like – the upcoming events on the left sidebar (would love to have more music shown here), comments prominently on the right and the link to the Facebook widget on the right, stronger imagery at the top, and generally a cleaner look – for desktop and mobile.

Feedback, suggestions (and help) always welcomed and appreciated.

A question for you mobile users – which looks better? (click through)

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What Do you Think about RealCrozetVA’s new Design?

Update 31 December 2013:

I’ve reverted to the old theme. While I really liked the new, modern, clean one, there was a loss of functionality, namely on the Crozet Calendar and other pages that I no longer have the time or knowledge to fix. While I’d love to update the theme to a 2014 style, what’s here works. Darn it.

It’s been a long time since I updated the design of RealCrozetVA and the new WordPress default theme tempted me.

I’m still finding and tweaking pages, layouts, and other such things, but so far I think it’s looking a bit better and it’s definitely better looking on mobile devices.


If you’re curious, this is what the site looked like two days ago.

RealCrozetVA — A community blog for Crozet, Virginia-1.jpg

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RealCrozetVA Blog Note: NEW Calendar

Update 4 November – I changed the title from “No Calendar” to “NEW Calendar” to accurately describe the updates.


For the next few days I’m going to have the Crozet Calendar down. The plugin I was using has taken down RealCrozetVA at least twice and that’s not viable. If anyone has suggestions for a great calendar plugin for WordPress, please let me know. I know there are a couple that cost between $50 and $100 dollars and I’m willing to pay for something that will provide consistent, won’t-take-down-my-blog access for the Crozet community.

Thanks for the understanding.

Also, Blue Ridge Internetworks rocks. If you need web hosting, look at them.

Update 28 October: I’ve installed a new calendar plugin. But as the previous plugin broke the blog and it was deleted without saving any of the previous data … if you’d like an event listed on the Crozet Calendar, please email me again. Better yet, I went ahead and spent the $65 for the license as it’ll allow for more functionality for the community.

Tracking Community Engagement – Poop Matters

It’s always fun to look at the traffic and engagement on posts on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page. I put things there and on Twitter sometimes that may not warrant a full blog post here.

For example

A call for live-tweeters of the CCAC meeting343 reached in the lifecycle of the post.

Someone pooped in the pool?1,909. In three hours. So far. Update 25 June, 6:45 am – 2,566 Reached.

Looking at the Facebook traffic page:


Apparently, poop matters.

Note – I’m hoping to get similar engagement when I post the interview tonight with incoming WAHS principal, Dr. John Werner. 🙂

RealCrozetVA on Twitter – in the Snow!

I’m going to keep this post up for a while … the easiest way for you to stay up to date is to follow RealCrozetVA on Twitter. The last time I wrote this “follow realcrozetva on twitter” post was after the derecho. I really can’t underestimate the value of Twitter in weather events for helping the community communicate.

Eventually I’ll find a plugin for the sidebar, as the twitter embed code isn’t working for some reason.

Follow RealCrozetVA on Twitter

Now that we’ve all learned what a derecho is, this is as good a time as ever to remind you to follow RealCrozetVA on Twitter – I’m posting there much more often than I can here, in part because it’s much, much, much easier to post tweets from my phone than it is to write a blog post. I’m trying to post on the RealCrozetVA Facebook page, but that app is so remarkably slow and dysfunctional that it drains my iPhone’s battery super-fast.

So – follow RealCrozetVA on Twitter or simply keep refreshing that page if you’re not on the Twitter.

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