23 March – Learn About, then Speak About the Albemarle County Budget

via email from our Supervisor Ann Mallek:  (bolding mine)

“This Wednesday, March 23, at 7 pm at WAHS the county staff will be making a presentation on the budget, the local government side and the school side.

You may have heard about this through Amail, but I hope that extra effort will bring in a better turn out. Only two citizens attended the meeting at Jouett and at Monticello. One citizen was a repeat.

Let’s show what Crozet is made of and have a great turnout for this presentation.

Participants are welcome to offer questions and debate.

Make recommendations for items to restore from cuts or to cut from the budget.

As you know, one of the larger chunks of the budget which has suffered from lack of priority in the last six years is the CIP, or capital improvement program.

This is a great opportunity to advocate for inclusion of the Lickinghole Bridge into the six year road plan.

This highest priority project in Crozet is way past due.

I hope to see many folks there.  Thanks for your help.”

Thank you, Jerry

Crozet lost a great person this week, and our hearts are with Jerry Finazzo’s family.

Via facebook (bolding mine)

Jerry’s service will be on 11:00am, Tuesday March 22nd at Teague In Charlottesville. They will also open their doors for visitation 2 hours before the service. The Daily Progress will have this information available in Monday’s print. I also would like to say thank you to EVERYONE for all of the positive responses. They are keeping my fathers spirit alive and my family strong.

Please, spend a few minutes reading this story from the Crozet Gazette in 2012:


Jerry is unfailingly generous to local charitable causes. Recently customers could donate part of the bill to their local church, for example. “When I see people trying to raise money, I’m with them 100 percent because I know what it is like to have to raise money. Tiz has a lot to do with this. She brings me ideas.

“I never take advice from people who are younger than I am. I look in people’s faces and I can tell if they have suffered. As a boy I spent every night with my grandfather. I’ve seen everything he told me about.

“I love my country—Italy—but here has more. Here you have to work for it, but there, however much you work, you still have nothing.”

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Libraries are Awesome

(Part 1 of 2)

Yesterday someone from another state emailed me asking for permission to use this photo. Leaving aside the remarkableness of someone actually asking permission to use something on the internet, the email exchange led to an interesting exchange culminating with this:

I have looked at your new library. It is lovely!  I know you are happy to have such a wonderful community space.  As a realtor, I know you know a good library can be a real asset to a homeowner, create value  in the community, and enhance the quality of life.  I would have been lost without a library when I was a child, since I couldn’t buy all the books I wanted to read.


I loved the old Crozet Library. And we love the new one too.

New Crozet Library
New Crozet Library
Old Crozet Library
Old Crozet Library

CCAC Meeting – 16 March |Foothills, West Glen, CCAC Elections

CCAC meeting this Wednesday. I can’t make it (soccer season has started); I’ll pay someone to live-tweet it.

There’s a lot of important stuff on the agenda, like the West Glenn development (the one near Orchard Acres & Jarmans Gap) and the Foothills rezoning (more attached product) and CCAC office nominations and elections (there are a few open seats!)

Please message or text (or call) if you are interested.

From the Crozet Community Association’s site:


1. Agenda Review. (David Stoner – CCAC chair)

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How Cool is It that Crozet Has a Community Chorus?!

Crozet community Chorus - Spring Poster
Crozet Community Chorus Spring Concert
Sunday, April 3 at 4:00 p.m.
Crozet Baptist Church, 5804 St. George Ave., Crozet
Featuring the works of American Composers including Aaron Copland and Stephen Foster, jazz, gospel and other favorites.

Quick Crozet Real Estate Stats – 1st 2 Months of 2016

Mark your calendar; the next Crozet Real Estate Conversation is on 23 March at 9am at the Crozet Mudhouse.

During this morning’s conversation, I ran a few stats to answer my own curiosity. I’m always

In the first two months of 2016 in Crozet

  • 8 more (29) homes have sold compared to this time last year
  • 52 homes went under contract  in 2015 and 45 this year
  • 60 homes have come on the market; 68 had done so last year.
  • Median asking price last year was 407K ; this year it’s $461,500.

Of the 45 that have gone under contract

  • 10 are townhomes
  • Median asking price is $425K; last year it was 363K
  • 19 are in Old Trail
  • 17 of the 45 are marked as new construction
  • A vast majority of those are in HOAs

These are just numbers. Without context (as is gained through conversation and analysis), they’re just numbers.

Have specific questions? Ask Jim (me) or David.

Grease on the Road

The Pink Ladies in the number "Freddy, My Love" from "Grease": Carly Haling, Ryann Sheehy, Virginia Garey and Lauren Rider.
The Pink Ladies in the number “Freddy, My Love” from “Grease”: Carly Haling, Ryann Sheehy, Virginia Garey and Lauren Rider.


Western’s stage production on tour, radio and Web
by Brian Cohen

In show business, you have to show that you have a show, so the audience will show.

Got that?

Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) drama students are not only rehearsing for their March 24-26 run of “Grease,” but also promoting their production at other venues and in media. Due to mainly to the higher-than-average fees for show rights, the school’s drama department has acknowledged that publicity will play a vital role in filling the seats.

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New Owners of Over the Moon to Great Valu Commercial Space to Speak

From the Crozet Community Association’s site, referencing the Downtown Crozet Initiative meeting on Thursday, 3 March at Noon, this is on the agenda:

New owners of commercial property beginning at Over the Moon bookstore through Great Valu shopping center to share plans.

Please, make time to attend these meetings. Crozet is changing; be involved.

Downtown Crozet Initiative (DCI) Meeting Agenda
Thursday, March 3, 2016
Crozet Library
12 Noon – 1:30 pm
Anyone is welcome to attend.”


Update re: the Downtown Crozet Initiative meetings

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