2018 Through the RealCrozetVA Lens

Here’s to 2019, with a look at 2018.

I encourage you to spend some time reviewing, and learning about our growing area.


What follows is a snip of some of the highlights of 2018, as seen through the RealCrozetVA lens. The blog is the home of everything – and it’s searchable, and archived; the RealCrozetVA ecosystem includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I know this; the archives on the blog provide a valuable historical archive for the past decade+ in Crozet.  Reminder: Facebook is evil, and I suspect I won’t be using it in 2020. (and yes, I know FB owns Instagram)

As I made my way through the year in review one thing is clear – a lot of the stuff happening now started months and years ago (see: NIFI, Adelaide, the Vue, transportation).


As a reminder, I’m a Realtor. My career and profession is representing buyers and sellers. I write/manage RealCrozetVA, now entering its 12th year, as a service to the Crozet community, and because I think RealCrozetVA comprises a “good thing.”

January (19 Posts)

Beaver Creek Reservoir in Crozet

February (8 posts) 

March (13 posts)

Railroad Ave

April (13 posts)

Coming 2026 *photoshopped, but still.

May (6 posts)

Walk or ride; it’ll be faster, better for you, and for your neighbors

June (7 posts)

July (10 posts)

Crozet Crosswalks


September (7 posts)

Road from Mint Springs
Road from Mint Springs

October (9 posts)

One of the few no-rain-or-snow-or-mist we had

November (9 posts)

December (8 posts)



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